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In the thermodynamic module also FLUIDCAL is used by CONVAL®

For the calculation of thermodynamic properties from equations of state (fundamental equations in the form of the Helmholtz free energy) in research and for technical applications CONVAL® contains the program module FLUIDCAL. The program FLUIDCAL was established at the Chair of Thermodynamics of the Ruhr-University Bochum and enables the user to calculate more than 25 thermodynamic properties of more than 70 substances. For a large number of substances the most common transport properties can also be calculated (see the list of substances for details). As input values for the calculation, every possible combination of the properties temperature T, pressure p, density ρ, specific enthalpy h, and specific entropy s can be chosen.

The calculation of the thermodynamic and transport properties is based on the corresponding equations of state. See in the reference list below to get the complete description of these equations.