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How to use CONVAL®

Installed on your workstation or network

The classic way if you want to use CONVAL® on your own hardware locally or in the company network.

In addition to direct installation on the workstation, further installation variants are supported.The use of CONVAL® on a network drive or installation on a terminal server (not for local licenses).

You or your IT department are responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance (installation of updates etc.).

As a SaaS solution in the cloud

Would you like to work with CONVAL® independently of your IT and hardware? Then use it as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud.

We take care of everything technical. You simply log in via a standard web browser and always use the latest version of CONVAL®.

Of course, you have full control over your data. You always save and manage it locally and only transfer it to CONVAL® in the cloud for the calculation. Once the calculation is complete, you save the results locally, nothing remains in the cloud.