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CONVAL® License types

We offer different licensing options for CONVAL® to cover all common scenarios of software usage.

  • Local license – this license type authorizes the use of CONVAL® on a single, local computer. This local license is allowed to be passed on within the customer's company for the purpose of execution on another computer and use by one of the customer's employees.
  • Network license bound to a specific location – this license type authorizes the simultaneous use of CONVAL® in a local area network (i.e. bound to a specific location) of the customer's company on exactly the number of computer systems for which licenses have been purchased.
  • EDU license – this license type authorizes the use of CONVAL® exclusively at state recognized universities and colleges for the purposes of research and training. Commercial use of this license in any form is prohibited.

CONVAL® licenses are not limited by time and valid for the purchased main release. A software maintenance agreement can assure that your CONVAL® license will be kept up-to-date.