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Three separate editions of CONVAL® are now available. They differ only with regard to the functional scope of the integrated calculation modules. An optional thermodynamic module is available for all editions.


Scope of the editions   I+C Edition Plant Engineering Edition Full Edition

Valves and actuators

Control valves    
Control valves with 2-phase flow at the inlet    
Actuator forces    
Steam conditioning units    
Steam cooling valve    
Actuated valve assemblies    

Throttle elements

Differential pressure flow elements    
Restriction orifice plates  

Measurement instrumentation

Level transmitter calibration    

Piping systems

Pressure loss  
Pressure surge  
Pipe wall thicknesses    
Pipe compensation    
Span calculation    

Heat exchangers

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers    

Chemical engineering

Pressure relief valves    
Rupture discs    
Tank depressurization  
Pump and compressor output  


Property calculation  
Thermodynamic Package TDP*  
Material data calculation    
Curve regression  


Control valves  
Pressure relief valves    
Pitot tubes    
Flow resistances  
Standard motors  
Fluid Properties  
Rupture discs    
Part turn on/off valves    
Part turn actuators
- Pneumatic
- Electrical
- Hydraulic

*for new licenses from version 12 on