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Level transmitter calibration

  • Calculation of the differential pressure and the output signal at the transmitter for any level.
  • Option to simulate the startup of a boiler.
  • Calculation of the uncertainty of the relative level in dependence of the densities in the legs. (For example to check the influence of the ambient temperature with tanks with two liquids) 


CONVAL® calculates critical values for stress and frequency of thermowells in pipelines and compares these values to the allowed limiting values. Temperature dependent values for the maximum allowable working stress, the elasticity modulus and the density are available for many materials.


  • DIN 43772 (2000)
    • For standardized and variable forms with up to three sections
  • ASME PTC 19.3 TW (2016)
    • Calculation of straight, tapered and step-shanked thermowells
    • Graphical stress analysis
  • ASME PTC 19.3 1974
    • legacy, only for comparison


  • Design for up to three operating points in one calculation
  • Support for dimensioning in standard-compliant dimensions
  • Export to user-defined specification sheets

Graphical stress analysis


Graphical stress analysis: Stress analysys of a thermowell calculation. The actual frequency ratio of the 2nd operating point is between 40 and 60%.Therefore, the device is not conforming to the standard


Pass / Fail Analysis

The CONVAL® stress pass/fail analysis provides a quick overview of whether the calculation complies with the standard. A color-coded traffic light system immediately points out problem areas.

Pass/Fail view of a thermowell calculation. The conditions for the steady-state stresses, the dynamic stresses, and the hydrostatic pressure are fulfilled (green light). The conditions for the dimensions and the frequencies of the 1st and 3rd operating point are not fulfilled (red light).