Control valve reliability prediction seminar

Veranstaltungen, Ausstellungen
- geschrieben am 29. September 2005 - 16:54

Control valve reliability is of prime concern to plant operators. Lately instrumentation has appeared on their unreliability radar screen, with control valves scoring high on the unreliability pareto chart. Two particular reliability categories in focus are valve trims and valve auxiliaries.

Several improvement activities have been initiated to reduce control valve unreliability by all parties concerned. Valve suppliers have developed parameters and criteria predicting valve behaviour and damage in accordance with one of the international standards and / or based on their own valve research data. Those parameters and criteria have been used in supplier as well as commercial valve analysis tools. There is a clear demand from the industry to bring key vendors and key end users together in order to inventorize and compare approaches and methodologies with regard to control valve reliability prediction. Hence this seminar which will also endeavour to further align on international standards such as the IEC 60534 and ISA S75 series of standards in order to achieve more uniformity.

One of the objectives of the seminar will be to identify how analysis tools such as CONVAL can be used to correctly reflect control valves performance.

Ultimately the user community expects that this seminar will encourage the standardization bodies and suppliers to achieve alignments in prediction methods, making analysis tools more consistent and proper.

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