CONVAL ® Service Release 10.5

- posted 4. March 2019 - 16:45

The CONVAL Service Release 10.5 provides the following improvements:


  • Multilingual version (English, French, German, Polish)
  • Fixes of stability issues with certain Windows region and language settings
  • Fixes of stability issues when exporting calculations
  • Several issues with changing the display language have been fixed.
  • Improved behavior with occupied network licenses
  • Version history of the program and databases during the update check
  • Minor improvements and fixes of stability issues

Control Valve

  • In some cases, the downstream pressure p2 could no longer be entered after switching off downstream resistor structures.
  • When calculating downstream silencers, the minimum plate thickness e,min was not calculated properly.
  • Various issues with the selection of body materials for valves from the database have been resolved.
  • Revised reliability analysis of valves at flashing conditions
  • Incorrect values in the data table of the characteristic curves for two-phase flow in the inlet and input of the individual mass flows have been corrected.
  • The export of calculations to the specification sheet according to IEC 60534-7 has been revised.
  • Fixed stability issues - also in the database maintenance program - and minor improvements in the help system.

Differential Pressure Flow Element

  • Fixed stability issues when creating parameter graphs
  • Minor improvements for integrated orifice plates and unspecified differential pressure transmitters
  • The expansion factor ε was not calculated for gases with an isentropic exponent ϰ = 1.
  • New is the calculation of the permanent pressure loss for wedge flowmeters.

Restriction Orifice Plate

  • Revised calculation of minimum plate thickness e,min for choked flow conditions  and for multi-hole orifice plates in general. The new calculation method gives more conservative results.
  • The outlet temperature t2 may have been incorrectly calculated for gases in the supercritical range.
  • Minor improvements in messages and help system

Pressure Relief Valve

  • Calculation of valves according to the current edition of API 526 (2017). This replaces the 2002 version.
  • In some cases, the back pressure was not calculated if the valve outlet size is smaller than the inlet size.
  • Minor improvements and fixes of stability problems


  • Message about possible causes if frequency ratio R is too large
  • Revised help system with corrected formulas and description of stress analysis diagram.

Pressure Loss

  • Minor improvements and fixes of stability issues

Material Data

  • Fixing stability problems in the calculation of materials near their limits of use

Details about other improvements and error corrections can be found on the download page in the version history and in the known bugs section.

The service release can be downloaded free of charge.