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wall thickness

Allgemeine Diskussion » wall thickness Posted: 16. September 2016 - 8:35


In a wall thickness calculation is the mill tolarance included? Or do I have to add up 12,5%?


Tim Steinbach

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In CONVAL the calculation

Posted: 16.09.2016 - 13:24

In CONVAL the calculation basis for the determination of pipe wall thicknesses is the standard EN 13480 (or DIN 2413). Within this standard two absolute correction values ​​ c1 (Thin wall allowance) and c2 (Corrosion allowance) are defined. The percentage correction factor you use (12,5%) based on the ASTM B31.3 standard, which is not applicable in CONVAL. So you may use the c1 correction factor in CONVAL in place of the 12,5 % at  ASTM B31.3.