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Tank De-pressurization using RO

Allgemeine Diskussion » Tank De-pressurization using RO Posted: 31. Mai 2016 - 12:55

Hi Folks,


I am trying CONVAL to simulate a tank depressurization i.e., tank 1 a pressure vessel and tank 2 is atmosphere. Actually i want to use a orifice to do a controlled depressurization, but when i look into the the options, i can only find valves from various manufacturers, which i dont want to use. i just a LONG EDGED ORIFICE as CONVOL has in its Restriction orifice module. I wanted to study dynamics involved in it. Please guide me as i have seen one of my vendors do this calculattion using RO, but not sure how should i approvch it?


Ganesh frm India


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AW: Tank De-pressurization using RO

Posted: 01.07.2016 - 12:26

It is not possible at the moment to calculate a tank depressurization directly by using restriction orifice plates.

If you want to do so please insert your process data first in our restriction orifice plate module and calculate the Cv-value for this device.
Afterwards please use this Cv-value in connection with a standard globe valve for a suitable approximation of a tank depressurization calculation.