Multi-stage restriction orifice calculation

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Good day:

I need to know is the Multi-stage restriction orifice calculation module is available at Conval 10

if yes, could you please provides more data about it


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Multi-stage / multi-hole restriction orifices

Posted: 20.02.2018 - 11:33

The "stand-alone" restriction orifice sizing module supports single & multi-hole orifice sizing.

It's very common to have multi-stage / multi-hole restriction orifices downstream of a valve. Therefore, the restriction orifice sizing integrated in the control valve sizing module fully supports sizing AND recalculation of multi stage / multi-hole restriction orifices.

Even if you are only interested in the restriction orifices, you can use the control valve module to size multi-stage / multi-hole restriction orifices.

CONVAL® supports design as well as recalculation for the plates (see screenshot below) with all their parameters and dimensions.