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adding new substance components

Allgemeine Diskussion » adding new substance components Posted: 8. Januar 2021 - 9:15


I would like to ask you the following question

I have a valve calculation where the medium is Iron(3) sulfate. from what I can find the substance does not exist in conval. I would like to provide my own substance using the composition in the MSDS. The formula for the composition is Fe2(SO4)3. How can I configure this composition in conval, Is there a possibility to download the composition

according to the MSDS the composition is:

Diiron tris(sulphate) CAS 10028-22-55                   >=40 - <=50

sulfuric acid CAS 7664-93-9                                     <3

iron(2) 7720-78-7                                                        <1.5


Any help on getting this composition configured in conval would be greatly appreciated. 


i thank you in advance for you help in the matter






Dirk Hackländer

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Calculation of mixtures

Posted: 24.02.2021 - 12:54

In case you want to calculate a mixture whose exact composition you do not know, or whose components are not all available in the CONVAL database, you can still perform the calculation:
If you enter a free name of the mixture in the "Medium" field, you can manually input all required substance data in the calculation.