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Equations of State

Temperature Range: 90 K => 673 K Max. Pressure: 900 MPa

Reference equation of state for the thermodynamic properties of fluid phase n-butane and isobutane.
D. Bücker, W. Wagner


Temperature Range: 100 K => 1000 K Max. Pressure: 2 MPa - 60 MPa

The transport properties of ethane
S. Hendl, J. Millat, E. Vogel, V. Vesovic, W.A. Wakeham, J. Luettmer-Stratmann, J.V. Sengers und M.J. Assael

Thermal conductivity

Temperature Range: 90 K => 600 K Max. Pressure: 70 MPa

Thermophysical properties of ethane
D.G. Friend, H. Ingham und J.F. Ely