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Standard Conditions and Operating Conditions

Allgemeine Diskussion » Standard Conditions and Operating Conditions Posted: 18. April 2023 - 13:29


 I will calculate  Differential pressure flow element   for mixture gas medium  

  (but we have 2 item to choose : 1- gas dry ( standard condition)  2- gas dry ( operating condition

.  the result  for both item choosing is differ ,thus i dont know  which one is correct , please Guide m.




Benedict Nowak

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Hello Javad,

Posted: 18.04.2023 - 15:15

Hello Javad,

thank you very much for your entry in our forum.

Standard or operating conditions refer to the calculation of the volume flow and are specified in CONVAL with the parameter qv (for the volume flow according to operating conditions) and qn (for standard conditions). 
In the CONVAL help you will find more information as well as the calculation formula for the different conditions. By selecting the help on the right side and choosing the desired parameter.  (See screenshot below)

Which setting is correct in your case depends on the initial situation of your data / sizing. Preferably, you should calculate with the mass flow (qm).




Feel free to contact our support ( if you need further assistance.



Benedict Nowak
CONVAL Support Team