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PSV calculation standard API 2008- conval 9

Allgemeine Diskussion » PSV calculation standard API 2008- conval 9 Posted: 10. January 2018 - 6:33

We use Conval 9 for sizing calculation of PSVs, control valves and flow meters.

For PSV sizing , it was observed that both Conval 8 and Conval 9 used for PSV sizing considers API 520:2008 edition,  however as on date latest edition is of 2014. ( Conval 10 use API 520: 2014)

In this regard we would like to ask you to address our following concerns to ensure that the PSV orifice size is calculated accurately:

  1. Is there a difference in area calculation formula between 2008 and 2014 edition. Will any other parameter like rated mass flow be effected.
  2. Is there any other difference in Conval sizing calculation for PSV as per API 520-2008 and API 520-2014.





Klaus Theunissen

Klaus Theunissen's picture

There is no difference

Posted: 10.01.2018 - 9:49

There is no difference between the calculations according to API 520-2008 and API 520-2014.



Thanks Klaus :)  

Posted: 30.01.2018 - 8:16