CONVAL ® Service Release 10.3

- posted 15. December 2017 - 18:15

The CONVAL Service Release 10.3.22 includes the following improvements:


  • Possible security issues in the Sentinel License Manager SACC have been resolved by updating to runtime version 7.80 (04-2018). 
  • An incorrect conversion factor was used when converting power in kJ/h and J/h units.

Among others, the CONVAL Service Release 10.3.21 includes the following improvements:


  • Automatic log out from network licenses when inactive.
  • Problems with printing headers, footers, and calculation messages are fixed. 
  • Issues with export to Excel templates are fixed.

Control Valve

  • Addition of design data for pressure and temperature for testing materials of body and pipelines.
  • An issue in the calculation of the outlet velocity of valves with additional stages in the valve has been addressed.
  • Revised reliability analysis of large valves and when using abrasive media

Differential Pressure Flow Element

  • The uncertainties in the flow rate table are always calculated with the absolute uncertainty of the differential pressure.
  • Extension of the range for the diameter ratio β of orifice plates according to ISO/TR 15377 to 0.23 < β < 0.7.

Restriction Orifice Plate

  • Revised calculation of compressible media at critical flow conditions according to Richard W. Miller "Flow Measurement Engineering Handbook". 

Pressure Relief Valve

  • The alternative calculation of steam according to ISO 4126 and AD 2000-A2 using the steam pressure coefficient is supported.
  • Addition of design data for pressure and temperature testing for materials of body and pipelines.
  • Revised calculation of discharge conditions for compressible media.

Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

  • The calculation of the mass flow in the tubes of the heat exchanger when entering the mass or volume flow in the jacket was incorrect under certain circumstances.

Tank Depressurization

  • In most cases, the simulation in the tank depressurization module terminated before a result could be calculated. 

COM Server

  • New parameter for the COM server to check the standard conformity of thermowells
  • Problems with the processing of gas and liquid mixtures have been solved.

Details about other improvements and error corrections can be found on the download page in the version history and in the known bugs section.

The service release can be downloaded free of charge.