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Performing Multiple Valve Calculations

Allgemeine Diskussion » Performing Multiple Valve Calculations Posted: 27. June 2017 - 7:00

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Recently I attended Valve World Americas and visited with Alex Koifman on the stand and he provided some additional information which was of great interest and I would like to learn more on the subject.

We are a current licence holder of Conval and at teh show I was made aware that there was a spreadsheet you could access to enter multiple valves and process conditions then from what I could gather you would then import this into Conval and it would perform the calculation essentially saving you having to perform multiple valve calculations on one project individually.

Can you provide any further detail on how we go about performing this?


Andrew Allinson

Oceanic Controls Australia


Michael Welsch

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Export / COM

Posted: 27.06.2017 - 10:06

There are two ways to export multiple calculations from CONVAL to Excel: Export and COM.


In calculation mask choose "File" -> "Export and send" -> "Process several files", then follow the steps. To edit the corresponding templates choose "Options" -> "Edit export templates". Documentation is available in the help file ("?" -> "CONVAL manual" -> "Export and file processing"). Please note that there is also a "Technical desciption". There is no corresponding import funcionallity.

COM (MS technology for remote controlling other software)

You can use VBA (macro language in MS Office) to use CONVAL in the background. Some easy samples you can find in the CONVAL samples folder. To get there one easy way is, starting in the calculation mask: "File" -> "Help" -> "Folder of calculation examples" (right hand).

With COM you can read and write valus from / to CONVAL calculations, create, load ans save calculations and use many other features of CONVAL. A documentation is available in the documentation folder (Windows Start Menu -> CONVAL 10 -> Documentation). As default this is "C:\Program Files (x86)\F.I.R.S.T. GmbH\CONVAL 10\Documentation\English". The file name is "COM Interface CONVAL (en).pdf".