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CONVAL® Service Release 11.2

- posted 16. December 2021 - 11:00

Multilingual version (English, German, Chinese)

The CONVAL Service Release 11.2 provides the following improvements:


  • Minor improvements and fixes for stability issues
  • Minor adjustments for improved Windows 11 experience
  • Improved appearance when scaling for high-resolution screens
  • Revised help system
  • NEW: Support of formulas in user-defined fields with access to parameters of the calculation
  • Improved compatibility when loading old calculations from CONVAL versions 5 and 6
  • Sporadic problems with the visualization of Chinese characters are solved
  • Improved export of graphics to various image formats
  • Selection of regional format for decimal separator, date and time in CONVAL language settings
  • Minor inconsistencies in the handling of mixtures are fixed.
  • Import and export of mixtures according to AGA 8 and GERG 2008 standards
  • Minor improvements in connection with export templates in Excel format
  • Update of the licensing software. Problems with handling licenses for cloud licenses are fixed.

Actuated Valve

  • Many improvements and fixes of stability problems
  • NEW: Design and selection of electric actuators
  • Revised actuator database for pneumatic actuators
  • Support of a second breakaway angle for open position for automated valves
  • Improved import function for Scotch-Yoke actuators specifying the angle for the running torque
  • Improved import function for valve torques that already include a safety margin
  • Extended export templates

Control Valve

  • Minor improvements and fixes to stability issues.
  • Corrections in checking the maximum cavitation index recommended by the valve manufacturer
  • Corrections in the evaluation of sound level corrections specified by the manufacturer
  • Revised control valve database
  • Revised export templates for calculations with two-phase flow

Differential Pressure Flow Element

  • Minor improvements
  • Corrections in the extended uncertainty calculation near the phase boundary
  • Calculation of the position of the vena contracta for additional orifice types

Restriction Orifice Plate

  • Minor improvements and fixing of issues in the calculation of multistage configurations
  • Improved check of possible pipe damage in case of gases and vapors
  • Extension of the valid input range for the hole diameter d

Pressure Relief Valve

  • Minor improvements and fixes of stability problems
  • Correction of noise prediction according to ISO 4126-9 and API 521

Material Database

  • Minor improvements and fixes of stability problems

COM Server

  • Timing issues when starting the CONVAL COM server are fixed.

The CONVAL Service Release 11.1 provides the following improvements:


  • Display issues with scaling for high-resolution screens have been fixed.
  • Problems with opening multiple calculations via the Open dialog have been fixed.
  • Search for Chinese substance and material names is now supported.
  • Extended option to control the printout of calculations by sections
  • In the database programs, Excel data sheets with formulas are supported during import.
  • Improved client setup at network installation fixes problems with accessing the help function
  • Occasional issues when opening calculations with gas or liquid mixtures have been fixed.
  • Improved print preview via Microsoft WebView2 instead of Internet Explorer with PDF plugin

Actuated Valve

  • Minor improvements and fixes of stability problems
  • Specifying multiple flanges for valves and actuators is supported by the database.
  • When specifying valves in the database, an additional user-defined identifier can be assigned.
  • The minimum air pressure required for the valve torques is displayed in the actuator selection.
  • In addition to scotch yoke and rack and pinion actuators, diaphragm and vane actuators are now supported.

Control Valve

  • Minor improvements and fixes of stability problems
  • Display issues in the piping selection dialog have been fixed.

Differential Pressure Flow Element

  • Minor improvements
  • Revised uncertainty calculation for pitot tubes. The Uncertainty of the pipe diameter was not sufficiently considered in the overall uncertainty calculation.

Restriction Orifice Plate

  • Minor improvements and fixes of stability problems
  • Revised calculation of multi-stage single-hole orifices at very high Mach numbers.

Details about other improvements and error corrections can be found on the download page in the version history and in the known bugs section.

The service release can be downloaded free of charge.