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°Summerspecial° DOS-update promotion

- posted 3. September 2003 - 17:05

The years go by – and the rapid pace of technological change remains unbroken. The software industry is an excellent example. Whereas only yesterday we all trusted our fates to the power of DOS, we work a hundred times more efficiently today in Windows NT, 2000 and XP.

CONVAL®, too, regularly sets new benchmarks: the release of Version 5.0 transformed it into a pure 32-bit Windows program which innovatively exploits all the opportunities of the new generation.

We would like to ease your transition from DOS to Windows as much as possible and can also provide special CONVAL® training for all users who opt to update. You can take advantage of this introductory training either on your own premises or in our seminar rooms in Wermelskirchen.

Moving up from DOS to Windows is of course not the only reason to purchase the latest CONVAL® version – however, there simply isn't enough space to mention every enhancement here. Please feel free to contact us and allow us to explain personally and comprehensively exactly what CONVAL® can do for you.

Alternatively, we advise you to continue your visit to our web site to find a free DEMO version for downloading.

This attractive offer with a unique discount of 15% on all updates from CONVAL® 3.0/4.0 to CONVAL® 6.0 is valid throughout the summer – but remember that summer ends on September 21!

Don't delay your migration to the newest CONVAL® release: ask for more detailed information and a non-committal offer tailored specially to your individual license situation.