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NOTE: Older versions of CONVAL are available by upgrading your account into a client account!

History of the CONVAL 10 versions

- posted 12.10.2020

Important new and improved features of CONVAL 10

Documentation: Sentinel License Key

- posted 03.03.2021

CONVAL Licensing (Sentinel)

CONVAL supports two types of license keys: Sentinel LDK hardware and software keys.

If CONVAL is unable to find a license, even though you have installed everything correctly, you find here additional information.

Silent Mode Installation

- posted 03.03.2021

Documentaion of the silent mode installation of CONVAL

Access to HTML help files in the local intranet

- posted 12.11.2019

If the CONVAL help system does not work correctly with a network installation, this might be caused by a Microsoft security update.

Access is now possible again by updating the CONVAL Client installation to version 10.4.1. For older CONVAL versions we are not aware of any workaround at the moment.