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Equations of State

Temperature Range: 216.6 K => 1100 K Max. Pressure: 800 MPa

A new equation of state for carbon dioxide covering the fluid region from the triple-point temperature to 1100 K at pressures up to 800 MPa.
R. Span, W. Wagner


Temperature Range: 200 K => 1500 K Max. Pressure: 30 MPa - 300 MPa

The viscosity of carbon dioxide
A. Fenghour, W.A. Wakeham und V. Vesovic

Thermal conductivity

Temperature Range: 200 K => 1000 K Max. Pressure: 100 MPa

The transport properties of carbon dioxide
V. Vesovic, W.A. Wakeham, G.A. Olchowy, J.V. Sengers, J.T.R. Watson und J. Millat