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Equations of State

Temperature Range: 84 K => 700 K Max. Pressure: 1000 MPa

A new equation of state for argon covering the fluid region for temperatures from the melting line to 700 K at pressures up to 1000 MPa.
Ch. Tegeler, R. Span, W. Wagner


Temperature Range: 86 K => 500 K Max. Pressure: 400 MPa

The viscosity and thermal conductivity coefficients of gaseous and liquid argon
B.A. Younglove und H.J.M. Hanley

Thermal conductivity

Temperature Range: 100 K => 700 K Max. Pressure: 70 MPa

Thermal conductivity surface of argon: A fresh analysis
R.A. Perkins, D.G. Friend, H. M. Roder und C.A. Nieto de Castro